“The Buddy Potato Show”

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Far from motley, this crew was fabulous, hard working, fun, giving, and caring. I especially appreciated John Hallden who appointed himself my pant leg slave. They just wouldn't stay down!
Melinda Nichols was only one of the many bitten by the Potato bug! Check out
the french fried light sculpture over steady cam aficionado Raphael Guzman's shoulder.

Yip, that's Buddy Potato, the infamous movie reviewing couch potato. Oops, he's
starting to sprout. Guess he's been watching too many not-for-primetime movies! Underneath it all, he's the wild and wacky Bill Cox... who I miss.

The Buddy Potato Show was a half-hour movie review pilot prepared for TBS with Senior Programming VP Bill Cox in the title role and Dejie Johnson as his faithful sidekick. Below are photos and personal notes from Dejie.
Oh, I hope they aren't cutting any of MY lines! Tom Williams and Sam McQuatters
look over direction and camera shots while Buddy and I patiently await our new cues.
Note the potato grater lights...some people are budding geniuses.

Like my new/old car? Every co-hostess should have one in her contract. I only got to drive this one a few feet for the opening credits. Dag...

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