“Shot Thru The Heart”

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"We were a motley mining camp crew. Seated is our pretty star Rhonda Collette whose claim to fame was being in the original 'Hair'.

She carried on the 'Hair' tradtion by singing topless, this time in a wagon. I spent the great majority of the time on the floor rocking back and forth...and back and forth...and back and forth..."

"Cute little Willie Winkle. OK-OK, so, it was my idea to blacken the tooth, push out the ears and find a reason to go blonde for the very first time. It was also my idea to lose the nose several month later. Cute little Dejie Johnson."

"Heckie and Willie modeling our costumes designed by Julia Van Nutt. Cute couple,
though he would scare me on stage in ways I shan't repeat. I was only a mining
camp prostitute after all...who needed a reason to rock back and forth...and back
and forth..."

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