The following are excerpts from reviews of Dejie Johnson's performances over the years:

“There's no false set in her falsetto. Honey-throated chanteuse Dejie Johnson delivers the real thing when she racks up the standards.”
-- Rob Walton,, January 23, 2002

…and eccentrically endearing Dejie Johnson demonstrated why their (her) gifts are cherished here.
-- Dave Hayward, Backstage, January 24, 2002

Light 'n' lively lounge ensemble UberEasy opened the show with a mellow vibe featuring keyboards, a hollowbody guitar and the vocal talents of Dejie Johnson, whose amusing stage persona evoked actress Jennifer Tilly in Bullets Over Broadway.

Johnson lent perky charm to the innuendo-laden 'He Got His Very First Lei in Hawaii' and the theme from the 007 movie You Only Live Twice, into which she smoothly inserted two verses of Secret Agent Man.
-- Gregory Nicoll, Creative Loafing, July 30, 2002

“Dejie Johnson makes her rhythm seem like the natural one...full blown and soaring.”
- New York Post

“[Dejie] Johnson is a superb song stylist and has the kind of immaculate enunciation which thrills any lyricist.”
- Atlanta Journal Constitution





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